Ami 8 engine renovation; dismantling, and cleaning

The old AM2-engine was removed from the car and replaced by an overhauled one (picture of that process will be in a future post) about 10 years ago. Now with the renovation of the front area going, I wanted to put the original engine back in the car. But not before some proper renovation and maintenance on the engine. I didn’t want to split the block. The plan was to only renew seals and gaskets, inspect the cylinder heads and renew the valves and clean the seats and some minor other stuff like replace the valve stem seals.

So it started with dismantling and cleaning the engine. And then i took the heads of to inspect them. The pistons were pretty ok, but a lot of carbon deposit on them. The engine had run a tad too rich probably.

Then I used a special tool to remove the valves and cleaned the inside of the head to remove the black (also carbon?) stuff. I decided to fit new valves because the old ones were a bit pitted in and the new ones are farely cheap. Lap them in on the seats using a drill with the piece of petrol hose (no picture unfortunately), clean them and then fit everything with clean engine oil. The heads are ready, next up, fitting the Big Bore kit.

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