New interior upholstery in the Ami 8

It is not often that you see a Ami 8 with a renovated interior, because it’s a quiet costly affair to do it like original. Because Ami 8’s are not worth that much on the market, and these cars have the reputation of being a cheap classic car, it doesn’t pay off for most owners.

But I did it. The new interior for my Ami 8 is finally ready! It should have been finished in februari, but suffice to say, some people you hire to do a job don’t commit themselves to deadlines very well.

But in the end the upholsterer has done a fine job, and that is what counts. He used new old stock (original) cloth and reused the skai leather patches because those were in perfect condition.

I was a very nice surprise that we could even find the original color cloth at all. Daniel Engelhardt sells two different tones of blue Citroen velours in his wonderful (web)shop, but not this specific color that matches the car color (Bleu Gentiane AC646). The roll of cloth that the upholsterer used, was found in the back of the warehouse of a car cloth wholesale in The Netherlands, and it was the very last one.

The seat shaped foam underneath the cloth was reused and covered with an extra layer of foam. All rubber seat tensioners were replaced two years ago, so they were reused as well. I am very pleased about the new interior in my Ami 8.

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