Removal of the Ami 8 engine for renovation

It started out with inspecting the front area of my Ami 8 for rust and maybe replacing the gearbox for it’s original one, but know I’m heading to a much bigger project. Now turns out it is not only cleaning the whole engine bay and repainting all kinds of visible parts and the inner fenders.

My Ami8 was fitted with an non original engine and gearbox. Why that was, I will explain in a future post. Now with the front renovation going, I wanted to replace the gearbox and engine by the cars original ones. The original gearbox was already overhauled. The engine will receive some care and attention by cleaning it up, replacing gaskets and seals, fitting new pistons, cylinders and valves.

Engine in the motor jack

Citroen Ami 8 gearbox
Left new, right old

As far as the engine is concerned, I am going to do a minor overhaul on the engine; clean the engine, renovate the cylinder heads, clean the valves, mount a big bore kit from Burton Car Company – to increase the low rev torque – and replace main the oil line and oil filler. Then I will paint the engine cooling metal in the original brown color if i can find it.

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