Ami 8 stuck in reverse gear – video!

Back in 2005 I had sold the lovely light blue Ami 8 that I called “Lemaire”. I sold it to a good friend who was asked by a filmmaker to participate in a fun movie project. It was about a car that could only drive in reverse gear. They filmed a whole day on several locations. I played a small part as the mechanic who couldn’t fix the broken gearbox. And my Ami 8 also plays a part as a friend that encounters the backwards driving Ami somewhere on the road.

Nowadays it wouldn’t be possible to film such footage in busy traffic I guess, but in 2005 is wasn’t easy to pull something like this off without getting in trouble with the police and getting all kinds of permits. But somehow they dared to do it.

No people nor cars were harmed during the making of the video. Most of the people on bikes and in cars surrounding the perky little Ami 8 were part of the “cast”.

The result is a funny little film. I still enjoy watching it.

Update (09-06-2021)

The filmmaker is Maarten van Rossem, and it appeared that he had put this video on Vimeo. So instead of embedding my crappy version on Youtube, I now updated this post by embedding his better quality version.

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