Ami 8 engine renovation finished – video!

Here you can see the result of the engine put back together after the revision of the heads, fitting the Big Bore Kit and the filler neck and the exhaust and inlet manifold fitted with the correct torque applied. My Ami 8 engine renovation is now finished.

And a picture of the engine with the freshly painted cooling shroud fitted. The paint turned out to be pretty good. The color is not perfect, but i decided to leave it like this. I spend a lot of time trying to determine the right color. You can read about it in an earlier post. It’s a picture from Instagram, so is has a filter applied to it, which gives it a bit more of the hue i was after. In the next picture you see what it actually looks like:

I reunited the engine to the gearbox, checked and connected some stuff

I almost forgot to put bigger jets in the carb. I have a Solex 26/35 CSIC with a 24/21 venturi (fitted in the Dyane and Ami 8 with the AM2 engine). Burton advises to use bigger ones, but they don’t seem to tell which sizes. On the website of Le Patron I could find some information and decided that I would start with the leaving the primary jet at 125 and fit a new secondary of 110 (it was 70).

Well, how does it run? Pretty good actually! The exhaust was not properly tight, but it runs smoothly with the choke a bit open. I still have to drive it of course, but for now i am quiet happy how the engine renovation for my Ami 8 turned out.

You can check out some more video’s of the engine running on my YouTube channel if you like to.

The engine has to be run in for the first 2000 kilometers. Burton recommends not to exceed 4000 rpm and not to go faster that 80 km/h. I will do that, although it will be probably pretty hard to resist unleashing the extra power this 50cc provides. I will keep a journal of the run-in period as soon as the car is back on the road again.

Ami 8 engine mounted
Ami 8 engine mounted back in the car and outside for some testing

Now it is time to put some efford into renovating and mounting all the stuff around the engine compartment.

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