Front renovation finished – video!

I finished the front renovation of my Ami 8 and made a small video while walking around the after I fitted all the bodywork back on it. The sound you hear is the lens trying to keep a steady image. Besides all stuff I fitted earlier, I now also fitted new air ducts and the freshly painted spare wheel.

The Ami 8 is a bit harder to work on than a Citroen 2CV as far as refitting bodywork panels is concerned. You have to fit the panels with a lot of bolts and washers, and carefully align and tighten everything because the panels fit close together and the seams should be even but minimal.

Sorry for the noise of the image stabilizer
Sorry for the shitty focus…?‍♂️

I still want to do something about the hood. It has some real nasty dents in it, which are unfortunately exactly at the spots where the reinforcement beams are. So it’s almost impossible to reach them to hammer them out. There are tools with which you can pull dents out using glued tips on the dented areas but i don’t have those tools.

Anyway. Next up is the restauration of the upholstery, that should be ready anytime soon…

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