New Michelin tires on the Ami 8

There’s only one brand of tires that should be fitted on a Ami 8 in my modest opinion, and that’s a Michelin tire. Not only because of the handling on dry and wet roads (perfect), the quality of the ride (perfect) but also because they look really good on a Citroën. An Ami 8 just looks better with the brand and type of tires that were fitted at the factory originally. The Michelins have a very distuinguisable thread and specific —but subtle— lines across the sidewalls.

Originally, my Ami 8 – like every Ami 8 Berline – was fitted with Michelin 125×15 tires from the factory. A few years after I bought it, they had to be replaced. The original tires were over 25 years old. I decided to fit the slightly wider 135×15 Michelins that were factory mounted on the Ami 8 breaks. I really liked the more stable handling in corners of the 135’s. Around eight years —and a lot of kilometers— later, they had to be replaced. Because the Michelins were a bit pricy, I decided to fit Mabors.

I didn’t like the Mabors very much; they were wearing out faster than the Michelins and both noise and grip were a lot worse than I was used to. Two years ago, I decided to spend some money and replaced the two front tyres with new Michelins. Now, after the rear end restauration, it was time to ditch the Mabors that were worn out and fit two new Michelins on the back. You can get them at every good Ami (or 2CV) specialist like in Holland at 2CV Garage Sander Aalderink or of course at the Dutch Ami Club.

The Michelin tires mounted on the rear of the Ami

For Ami tires, you have a lot of options. I have first hand experience with the following ones:

  • Michelin 135r15 – The best, but expensive
  • Michelin 125r15 – Also very good
  • Mabor 135r15 – Ok, but a bit less grip

But there’s also available (with links to –randomly chosen– stores or sellers that have them):

There are several reviews and opinions on these alternatives. I suggest to look around on the internet and decide if you want to go for one of these brands. Tires are very important; they form a tiny area that connects your moving car to the road!

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