Movie of me and my Ami 8 featured in Autovisie

The Dutch car magazine Autovisie approached me and ask if they could make a small movie about my Citroen Ami 8 berline. I said “sure thing!”, so we filmed a whole day and you can see the end result below. I’m pleased with how it turned out, because it shows my car in action and […]

An Ami 8 from Paris called Lemaire

Back in 2004 the internet was not that populair to find vintage cars. I found a nice Ami 8 berline in the color bleu petrel in Paris on It belonged to madame Lemaire. So got the car as a present from her late husband. Her daughter found her mother to old to drive the […]

Enjoying the Ami after the boot area restoration

After all the work done on the boot area (people in the US call this the trunk) it was time to get a new MOT on the Ami. In Holland cars older than 25 years do have to be checked, but only every two years. The Ami was checked and passed the test so I […]

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