Upholstery renovation

In the Ami8, the material of the seats was either fake leather (skai) or cloth. Mine was fitted with cloth. But unfortunately, it deteriorates over time, even if you are careful with it. After 40 years it is time to renovate it. This will be done by a professional upholsterer. Luckily I have found the […]

New Michelin tires on the Ami 8

There’s only one brand of tires that should be fitted on a Ami 8 in my modest opinion, and that’s a Michelin tire. Not only because of the handling on dry and wet roads (perfect), the quality of the ride (perfect) but also because they look really good on a Citroën. An Ami 8 just looks better […]

Ami 8 rear renovation

On all Ami8’s this is a pretty sensitive area. Also on my Ami8. The left side was ok, but the right side seemed more like crisps. I replaced the damaged areas with excellent repair parts from 2CVKeza run by Janez Kesmah which are distributed by the Amivereniging Nederland (Dutch Citroen Ami club).

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