This engine bay renovation is getting out of hand

It started out with inspecting the front area of my Ami 8 for rust and maybe replacing the gearbox for it’s original one, but know I’m heading to a much bigger project. Now turns out it is not only cleaning the whole engine bay and repainting all kinds of visible parts and the inner fenders. […]

Citroën Ami Super brochure

This brochure is all about the Ami Super. The “fast” Ami with the 1015cc flat four air cooled boxer engine from the GS. Citroen introduced The model in 1973 to appeal to people who wanted a bit more power than the maybe somewhat sluggish Ami 8 that was the star of the previous folder I […]

Citroën Ami 8 brochure

I love the design of the old brochures that dealers handed out to potential customers back in the day. Image stepping into a Citroen dealership, looking at al the lovely models in the showroom, getting captivated by the beauty of the Ami 8 and getting a brochure to contemplate at home. How many people thought, […]

Engine bay renovation

After the back of the car, I decided to renovate the front part of the car. This is a project alongside the restoration of the interior seats and rear bench. I started with dismantling the front. It turned out to be a bit rusty on the bottom side that is normally hidden by the bumper. […]

Ami 8 upholstery restauration

It’s time to restore the upholstery of my Ami 8. The Ami was available in several colours in 1978, with the cloth upholstery matching the colour of the paint. The interior of my Ami 8 was in very nice condition when I bought it back in 2001. Because I drove many kilometres with the car, […]

Movie of me and my Ami 8 featured in Autovisie

The Dutch car magazine Autovisie approached me and ask if they could make a small movie about my Citroen Ami 8 berline. I said “sure thing!”, so we filmed a whole day and you can see the end result below. I’m pleased with how it turned out, because it shows my car in action and […]

An Ami 8 from Paris called Lemaire

Back in 2004 the internet was not that populair to find vintage cars. I found a nice Ami 8 berline in the color bleu petrel in Paris on It belonged to madame Lemaire. So got the car as a present from her late husband. Her daughter found her mother to old to drive the […]

Enjoying the Ami after the boot area restoration

After all the work done on the boot area (people in the US call this the trunk) it was time to get a new MOT on the Ami. In Holland cars older than 25 years do have to be checked, but only every two years. The Ami was checked and passed the test so I […]

New Michelin tires on the Ami 8

There’s only one brand of tires that should be fitted on a Ami 8 in my modest opinion, and that’s a Michelin tire. Not only because of the handling on dry and wet roads (perfect), the quality of the ride (perfect) but also because they look really good on a Citroën. An Ami 8 just […]

Fit the rear fenders

The rear fenders Made from polyester can be difficult to fit a way that the gaps are not too wide. I took some time and adjustment to get the them to fit in a decent way on my Ami 8. There are several point to adjust the gaps, but I didn’t want to change anything […]

Rear fenders; original steel or polyester reproduction?

The rear fenders of an Ami 8 are notorious; they seem to be designed to catch dirt and mud and water in all the corners of their pressed and spotwelded sheet metal. The shapes and construction are not ideal in humid conditions. Back in the day, almost every Ami that drove around in our rainy […]

Repaint the repaired areas

After the welding work on the inner fenders, I decided to repaint the boot area and the other repaired spots. Having a clean loading bay in the nice color “Bleu Gentiane” was my goal. Although the color turned out to be not exactly the same as the original internal color, it turned out to be […]

Weld on nuts for the rear seat belts

After welding in the repair panels in the inner fender near the rear doors, I bought two new seat belt bolts and welded them to the thicker outer repair panel that I spotwelded over the remaining metal of the inner fender. It’s not completely as it is originally, but I’m pretty sure it is secure. […]

Weld other small damaged areas

As soon as I unmounted the outer fenders of my Ami 8, there were some additional rusty metal areas visible on the inner fender and c-pillar. I decided to cut these rusty parts out and weld some new metal in.

Cutting, fitting and welding the suspension stop repair panels

The repair panel I bought from Janez Kesmah is big. It consist of a large area of the inner fender shape. But I didn’t want to remove too much existing original metal I cut out the rusted area carefully and tightly. Also, there is a gutter part in the inner fender that is not present […]

Start of the rear end restoration

The boot area of my Ami 8 called “DeKeijzer” already looked a bit suspicious when I bought the car in 2001. A few months ago, I noticed a post on social media from Janez Keshma . He had started the reproduction of this panel. Very good thinking, because in almost every Ami 6, Ami 8 […]

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