Mounting the 2CV Big Bore kit to the Ami engine

I wrote in an earlier update that the main goal of the front area renovation was to fit the car with its original engine and gearbox. Back in 2007, I replaced the engine because sometimes— not always— it was making a weird noise. I went to a few specialists, but no-one knew what could cause it. So I thought: lets fit another engine so I can keep driving, and in the meantime find out what’s wrong with the original one. “In the meantime” turned out to be 12 years.

After I finished the welding work and renovation of the rear area, it was now time to do something about the front. Attack the rust and the technical problems with the brakes and also just a thorough cleaning of the whole front area of the car. But also the engine and gearbox. So I took the original engine out of storage and began cleaning it.

https://www.burton2cvparts.comAfter cleaning the engine I started with the renovation the cylinder heads (and I discovered an interesting defect which may have caused a weird noise from the engine). I also replaced the front and rear crankshaft seals. Now it was time to fit the Big Bore kit that is supplied by Burton Car Company.

Fitting the kit is pretty easy if you have the heads already dismantled. Make sure everything is nice and clean on the engine. Note the top of each piston ring, that is marked with a tiny symbol. I fitted the rings on the piston with a special grip tool (no picture unfortunately) and fitted the piston with the rings in the cylinder with a ring compression tool.

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