Building up the area around the engine

After i connected the engine back to the transmission, it was time to fit and connect all kinds of other stuff; the alternator, airfilter housing, cables and exhaust, cooling fan etc etc.

I had painted and cleaned lots of those parts, so it was very nice and rewarding to build the engine bay back up again.

It turned out that the fuel pump was leaking. I replaced it and also the fuel lines and fuel filter. I fitted the newly painted air filter housing with a fresh air filter, fitted new spark plugs, bleeded the brakes, adjusted the brake cooling so that it doesn’t touch the discs (rotors?).

All the little details make the renovation interesting; like searching for proper stickers and fit them the way it was originally done on various parts; the bulkhead, on flat part on top of the engine cooling shroud, on the air filter housing.

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