Start with the front bodywork renovation

It is time to start a front bodywork renovation on my Ami 8. In the past I had already noticed some nasty spots when the Ami8 was on the lift. Especially the area under the front bumper. Its not visible when you see the car on road level. But wen it’s elevated, the bottom area is visible. There were a lot of rusty spots, so I decided to attack them. Instead of lazily buying a new old stock front at the Dutch Ami Club (Amivereniging Nederland).

So I sanded the front down, sandblasted the very bad rusty spots and “veins” that show the creeping oxidation underneath the paint. To the really damaged areas, I applied good quality aluminium putty that doesn’t attract water like polyester putty does. After that, I coated the front with 2k epoxy primer.

I also worked on the inner fenders; when you open de hood of the car, they are visible. Since my goal was to renovate the front of the car both technically and optically, I wanted them to look good as well. So I sanded them down, premered and resprayed them in the original colour.

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