Rust damage in inner right fender

Finding out the rust I ignored for 15 years

This is the part of DeKeijzer that already looks dodgy when I bought it. A few months ago, I noticed a post from Janez Keshma that I began reproduction of this panel. In almost every Ami 6, Ami 8 and Ami Super, this piece of metal is damaged by rust.

I waited almost 18 years to do something about it. Rust never stops they say. I can surely confirm that. While removing the fenders, I also discovered some other rusty spots. For example the reinforcement part of the inner fender where the bumper mounts connect to.

After removing the bumper reinforcement panel there was indeed more brown stuff…

And also the parts of the rear where the outer fenders connect to the body were rusty. And a small area on the c-pillar. The reinforced panels for mounting seat belts had also been damaged, but that was already visible from inside the car. No surprise there…

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