This engine bay renovation is getting out of hand

It started out with inspecting the front area of my Ami 8 for rust and maybe replacing the gearbox for it’s original one, but know I’m heading to a much bigger project. Now turns out it is not only cleaning the whole engine bay and repainting all kinds of visible parts and the inner fenders.

I removed the engine to change the gearbox to it’s original one. The current gearbox that was in the car was renovated some 8 years ago and did a fine job. But after changing it, the brakes were never as they were before. Too spongy. So I started to look for the cause but couldn’t figure it out. In the end I replaced and overhauled the whole breaking system; master cilinder, front callipers, brake shoes and pistons in the back, brake lines, everything. Of course bleeded the whole system multiple times. The problem remained; the pedal was still softer than before on first touch of the pedal.

As far as the engine is concerned, I am going to do a minor overhaul on the engine; clean the engine, renovate the cylinder heads, clean the valves, mount a big bore kit from Burton Car Company – to increase the low rev torque – and replace main the oil line and oil filler. Then I will paint the engine cooling metal.

After a lot of inquiry on what to do, also from professional mechanics, I decided to put the original gearbox back because it was rebuild some years ago and waiting to be mounted again. I also got hold of and original master brake cilinder, so I decided to replace the (new) imitation version as well.

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