Start of the rear end restoration

The boot area of my Ami 8 called “DeKeijzer” already looked a bit suspicious when I bought the car in 2001. A few months ago, I noticed a post on social media from Janez Keshma . He had started the reproduction of this panel. Very good thinking, because in almost every Ami 6, Ami 8 and Ami Super, this piece of metal is damaged by rust. It consists of the inner fender part, with the reinforcement

I waited almost 18 years to take action. Rust never stops they say, and I can hereby confirm that opinion. While removing the fenders, I also discovered also some other less expected rusty spots. For example the reinforcement part of the inner fender where the bumper mounts connect to.

The Fender support bracket was rusty too; I noticed the seam had grown wide because of the rust behind it

And also the parts of the rear where the outer fenders connect to the body were rusty. And a small area on the c-pillar. The reinforced metal parts for mounting seat belts had also been damaged, but that was already visible from inside the car. No surprise there…

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