Rear fenders; original steel or polyester reproduction?

The rear fenders of an Ami 8 are notorious; they seem to be designed to catch dirt and mud and water in all the corners of their pressed and spotwelded sheet metal. The shapes and construction are not ideal in humid conditions. Back in the day, almost every Ami that drove around in our rainy country (Holland) had rusty fenders and in the warm and dry south of France a lot of Ami’s were still fitted with their factory ones.

Ne fournis plus

When Citroën declared rear fenders for the Ami 8 as “NFP” somewhere in the 1990’s — or not available anymore— the Dutch Ami club started a project to refabricate the fenders from polyester. This worked out pretty well. A lot of them were made for both the Ami 6 and Ami 8, the fitting was very good and a fair amount were sold through the club’s shop.

Poorer fitting

The most recent batch of the polyester fenders was made from one of the last original NOS fenders from the Ami club’s warehouse. Unfortunately they were from a different (older) pressing mould than the first batches were based on. This resulted in slightly poorer fitting. Right now, the supply of new ones has ended.

In stock

I bought two polyester fenders back in 2008 for the restoration of my Ami Super. Back then I only used one, because I couldn’t get to fit the right side fender properly, even with some help of a body shop. I decided to fit a decent metal one for this side instead. The metal one fitted perfectly right away. The polyester reproduction fender – already partly sprayed in the green color Vert Nopal – has stayed in my stock since then.

Hard to find

Because the rear fenders of DeKeijzer were already a bit rusty when I bought it, eighteen years later, they pretty far gone. The paint started to show all kinds of bulbs; a proof of rusty stuff underneath. So I decided to fit new fenders. But new fenders turned out to be very hard to find nowadays.

The left fender I acquired at the Ami Club

Sharper edges

So I turned to my stock, found the polyester one, bought a left one that was luckily available at the Ami club. I prepared them with some small amounts of putty to repair some imperfections and test-fitted them on my car. Not bad, but surely not as nice as metal; the edges and folds of the metal are much sharper and pronounced compared to the polyester reproduction. But since I found no alternative I decided to apply primer on them and painted them with metallic paint and 2k clear coat from a spray can.

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