Ami 8 upholstery restauration

It’s time to restore the upholstery of my Ami 8.

The Ami was available in several colours in 1978, with the cloth upholstery matching the colour of the paint. The interior of my Ami 8 was in very nice condition when I bought it back in 2001.

Because I drove many kilometres with the car, also a lot of trips throughout Europe, the regular use of the car and it’s interior took it’s toll on the cloth seat covers. Also the car being in the blasting sun during those holidays had a deteriorating effect on the material of the seats.

I fitted after market seat covers on top of the original cloth to mask the wear for a few years. Because the seats were a bit soft due to the ageing of the seat support rubbers I changed those a few years ago. That resulted in a more firm seat. Now it is time to restore the upholstery in it’s former glory again.

I’m not doing it myself but found a really fine craftsman who will do this job for me. First he will dismantle the upholsery so I can paint the seat frames and repair the drivers side seat; I have to weld a support tube on the frame that got loose a few years ago. Then the rebuilding will begin, using the original skai leather and brand new cloth.

It should look something like this when it’s ready:

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