Enjoying the Ami after the boot area restoration

After all the work done on the boot area (people in the US call this the trunk) it was time to get a new MOT on the Ami. In Holland cars older than 25 years do have to be checked, but only every two years. The Ami was checked and passed the test so I could finally enjoy using it again for some late summer drives. It drives very well and it’s a nice to enjoy the car after putting so much work into it.

I drives still very well. There are a few improvements to be made though:

  • Brakes are a bit spongy. The brakes operate fine, but the pedal is not as firm as I would like it to be. I have replaced the whole system (discs, brake callipers, brake shoes, cilinders in the rear, master cilinder) but still it’s a bit soft and only hardens up at the second push of the pedal. I have to dive into this problem again.
  • More rust to repair; the front of the car has to be repaired and repainted.
  • New upholstery on the front and back seats
  • Replace the slightly rusty second exhaust muffler
  • Replace the window wiper axles; they are worn out

Enough to do!

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