Citroën Ami Super brochure

This brochure is all about the Ami Super. The “fast” Ami with the 1015cc flat four air cooled boxer engine from the GS. Citroen introduced The model in 1973 to appeal to people who wanted a bit more power than the maybe somewhat sluggish Ami 8 that was the star of the previous folder I wrote about here. In the brochure, Citroën places a lot of focus on power and speed. Notice the nervously blinking indicator light? It seems to mean: you can overtake every car (a Berliet truck for example) you like when driving this 53 break horsepower “rocket on wheels”. A lot of the photography is showing motion blur to emphasise the speed.

Besides showing the power to easily overtake others with it’s powerful engine, the brochure highlights the space and practicality of this more expensive Ami model. This wonderful scene illustrates it perfectly; a house painter can fit al his stuff on workdays in the break version (the trunk of the berline isn’t so handy and was far less popular due to this). Not sure if all his stuff, including the ladder, will fit. The text in Dutch says something like: “your serving car for work and weekends”. I agree! 

When Citroen introduced the Ami Super they went out of their way to distinguish it from the Ami 8. Mainly on its technical features; bigger engine, stronger chassis, bigger brakes, stiffer suspension and front and rear stabilizer. This spread in the brochure illustrates it beautifully. Imagine a Citroën employee painstakingly painting the parts! The Dutch page header (loosely) translates to: “the technical ingenuity of the Ami Super.”

I owned an Ami Super a few years ago. I bought it looking like a rats nest and restored it to pristine condition. It’s the plan to post a post a story about this car in the future. For now, you can find a picture of it on my Instagram page

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