Citroën Ami 8 brochure

I love the design of the old brochures that dealers handed out to potential customers back in the day. Image stepping into a Citroen dealership, looking at al the lovely models in the showroom, getting captivated by the beauty of the Ami 8 and getting a brochure to contemplate at home. How many people thought, after reading it: “come on, let’s go buy an Ami 8 or Ami Super”?….

This is the first of a series of scans I made from a few I collected over the years. It features the 1974/1975 upholstery, white pinker lights instead of orange ones, the new smaller steering wheel. A big section of the brochure is devoted to the Ami Super.

You can find out more about how the Ami Super was promoted in Citroen brochures in this post.

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